List of rivers of Tennessee

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This is a list of rivers of the U.S. state of Tennessee:

By drainage basin[edit]

This list is arranged by drainage basin, with respective tributaries indented under each larger stream's name. All rivers in Tennessee ultimately flow to the Gulf of Mexico.

Lower Mississippi River

Mississippi River drainage basin[edit]

Tennessee River drainage basin
Clinch River drainage basin
Holston River drainage basin
Cumberland River drainage basin

Mobile River drainage basin[edit]

  • Mobile River (AL)
    • Alabama River (AL)


  River located partially in another state
River Mouth Length Largest settlement Map
Bald River Tellico River 6 mi none (Cherokee National Forest)
Barren Fork Collins River 23.4 mi

(37.7 km)

Beaver Creek Clinch River 44 mi[1] Halls Crossroads
Beech River Tennessee River 38.3 mi

(61.6 km)

Big Sandy River Tennessee River 60 mi

(97 km)

Big South Fork of the Cumberland River Cumberland River 76 mi

(122 km)

none (Big South Fork National River and Recreation Area)
Blackburn Fork River Roaring River 14.5 mi[2] none (Cummins Falls State Park)
Blood River Tennessee River Buchanan
Buffalo River Duck River 125 mi

(201 km)

Calfkiller River Caney Fork River 42.4 mi

(68.2 km)

Cane Creek (Caney Fork River tributary) Caney Fork River
Caney Fork River Cumberland River 143 mi

(230 km)

Clear Fork (Big South Fork Cumberland River tributary) Big South Fork of the Cumberland River 27.2 mi

(43.8 km)

Clear Fork (Cumberland River tributary) Cumberland River 42.8 mi

(68.9 km)

Clear Fork (Smith Fork Creek tributary) Smith Fork Creek
Chickamauga Creek Tennessee River Chattanooga
Clinch River Tennessee River 337 mi

(542 km)

Oak Ridge
Coal Creek Clinch River 10.3 mi

(16.6 km)

Rocky Top
Collins River Caney Fork River 67 mi

(108 km)

Conasauga Creek Hiwassee River 42.8 mi

(68.9 km)

Coker Creek
Conasauga River Oostanaula River 93 mi

(150 km)

Conasauga (Polk County)
Cumberland River Ohio River 688 mi

(1107 km)

Defeated Creek (Hickman County) Duck River
Defeated Creek (Smith County) Cumberland River Defeated
Doe River Watauga River 6 mi[3] Elizabethton
Duck River Tennessee River 284 mi

(457 km)

East Fork Poplar Creek Poplar Creek Oak Ridge
Elk River (Watauga River tributary) Watauga River Elk Mills
Elk River (Tennessee River tributary) Tennessee River 195 mi

(314 km)

Emory River Clinch River 46 mi

(74 km)

Falling Water River Caney Fork River 46.8 mi

(75.3 km)

Flint River Tennessee River 65.7 mi

(105.6 km)

Forked Deer River Obion River Dyersburg
French Broad River Tennessee River 219 mi

(352 km)

Green River Buffalo River 21.1 mi

(34.0 km)

Harpeth River Cumberland River 115 mi

(185 km)

Hatchie River Mississippi River 238 mi

(383 km)

Hickman Creek
Hiwassee River Tennessee River 147 mi

(237 km)

Holston River Tennessee River 136 mi

(219 km)

Indian Creek (Caney Fork River tributary) Caney Fork River Buffalo Valley (Putnam County)
Indian Creek (Tennessee River tributary) Tennessee River Crossroads
Injun Creek Little Pigeon River none (Great Smoky Mountains National Park)
Little Buffalo River Buffalo River Deerfield
Little Doe River Doe River Hampton
Little Duck River Duck River 6.5 mi

(10.5 km)

Little Emory River Emory River Coalfield
Little Harpeth River Harpeth River 16.3 mi

(26.2 km)

Little Indian Creek Indian Creek (Caney Fork River tributary)
Little Obed River Obed River 10 mi

(16 km)


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